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CEO Business Visits

The Results Are In!

Working as a team, CEO students tried to get the most coins in a foil boat without it sinking. When finished, they were asked who was competitive? fun-loving? worried about the mess? and more. They are learning the value of all personality traits as they each bring a different perspective to the table. They recognized that different second highest traits create a different personality when paired with the same high trait. Students will continue to think and apply the role of personality traits in leadership and team settings. 

Jim King, CEO

IFH Group, Inc.

IFH Group in Rock Falls, hosted the CEO class on Tuesday giving an overview of the business, life lessons, and a tour. Students were enlightened on the world of tanks and hydraulic systems. CEO Jim King talked about family ownership and growth and a variety of business concepts such as ROI, cash flow, profit and loss, automation and manual work force, and much more. Ryan McCarty, Director of Marketing and Sales, discussed his role and the structure of the sales team. A good portion of their presentation was student led with a question/answer session. The 2018 class is a curious group asking excellent questions. The concluding tour allowed students to see the productions from the beginning stages of sheets of metal to the painted, polished final product. 

Moore Tires

On Site Video Challenge

Operating in four groups headed by a team leader, CEO students took on the Moore Tire social media challenge. Kyle Moore laid out the requirements and deadlines. This opportunity put students in a marketing role where they used creativity and problem-solving to drive a message to customers. Once complete and posted, the team with the most views, wins a prize! We will keep you posted on the final products!

The CEO Classroom

The Simon Sinek YouTube video that addresses The Golden Circle initiated Wednesday's class discussion. On top of that, Gehrig, Chili Cook-Off Project Manager, had plenty of details to cover. Revisiting the personality survey from Monday will be an ongoing class discussion. We shared our favorite quotes with Piecing Peace, a YWCA initiative. A detailed class agenda outlined lots of upcoming events, many of which will require a project manager. And how about that chili we got to taste on Friday??? Thank you Victoria's mom! Breakfast Before Business, Eastland Sophomore Career Day, Field Trip, Petal It Forward, community speaking opportunity, class business, what is a business plan anyway?, Home of Hope breakfast, maintaining the "wow", SVACC Annual Dinner are all current topics and generated lots of questions. Did I mention that Kris Noble stopped by and gave each student a copy of the amazing Community Guide? As you can probably guess, with tours and speakers on many days, there is never enough class time! These are the topics that filled our Wednesday and Friday!

Student Journal Highlights for this week

“Good is the enemy of great.’ I really like this quote from Jason Roe because it makes me think of all the things I can improve. Improvement is important, in fact it’s more than important it’s mandatory. If you never improve then your life will always be the same. Nobody is going to improve my life for me. I have to do that job by myself because no one else is going to improve it the way I want to either. Although some days I wonder if I even know how I want to improve my life. There are some things that are obvious such as, treat other in a kinder way today or do that thing you’ve been putting off for a while now. Other concerns may be a bit more major like college or career choices. Now that a month and a half of my senior year is over I think about these ideas every day. I think about what would be a better path, how can I help everyone around me. I think about others and then I have to think back to me, is that really what I want? Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. Something I say quite often to my parents is that I will try to, I am going to start leaving that try out, it’s silly to say that because it’s either I will or won’t. If I do try, then I will do it.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new” -Albert Einstein. That quote, presented to us by Jason Roe, was the most relatable and defining quote that I had ever heard in my life. Jason Roe, owner of Culver’s in Princeton, Dixon, and Rock Falls, had plenty of wisdom that he shared with the class on Wednesday that I’ve never heard anyone else say, but that quote had the largest effect on me personally. For example, I would see many people bragging about how they got an A+ on a test or in a class, but the class is so easy that it shouldn’t even be giving credit to students! I am the only student in my grade to be taking 3 AP classes and willing to take that risk purely for the reward of learning, yet there are still people who are taking easy classes “never making mistakes” and achieving better grades. I believe that trying something new and receiving an experience that you cannot attain the orthodox way is much more worthy of time than doing what everybody else does; that’s the reason I joined CEO!

P.S. Newman homecoming was this weekend, and Gehrig was in my group to take pictures and go to dinner together. We met at the rock falls riverfront, and when Gehrig came I greeted him with a handshake, something teenagers usually would never do! It felt natural to do it, and also made me feel more professional and mature, and I’m sure had the same effect on him. I’m glad I did that, it’s cool to see how CEO really does affect my personality and life outside of class!

Isaac  Blaney

Isaac Blaney
Sunday, October 1, 2017Learn More About Isaac

Jason Roe, the owner of Culvers in Rock Falls, Princeton, and co-owner in Dixon, filled my brain with many words of wisdom when he came to speak to us. One of the first things he touched on was to have intent and purpose with your life. I can relate this to my CEO business because if I do not have a purpose for what I come up with, I will not be as motivated. He also said that we must love what we do, and not always do what we love. When he said this, the gears in my brain started turning and it gave me a different outlook on some things. My whole life I have been told to do what I love, but what happens if I am not good at what I love? If I went that route in life, I might not be successful, but if I love what I do, everyday will be filled with success. Jason also asked us what good is the enemy of great means, and then he gave us an example of MySpace and Facebook. The two social media sites are essentially the same, but they have their differences. Facebook took a chance and attempted to out due MySpace and ended up being successful at it. After Jason talked to us about this, Issac and I both looked at each other from across the room because we have been facing this same problem. Our group for the Moore Tires project had an idea all planned out, and about a week after we were set on the idea Issac messaged out group and said that it is almost the me exact thing that last years class did. At first we decided that we needed to come up with another idea, but after hearing Jason talk about outdoing your competition, I think out group is gong to stick with it. 

Alumni Spotlight Entries for this week

Natalie Osterhaus

I recently caught up with Natalie Osterhaus! We love hearing from our CEO students! She writes:

CEO just follows me everywhere. I have been up in Green Bay for a month now, and even though I am 4 1/2 hours away from where my CEO experience was, I still notice how CEO changed my life every single day. I always liked dressing up and so when I was packing for college, I threw in some of my dress pants and other clothing that I wore for class, thinking that if I needed them then I would have them. A week after I moved in, I went to an interview for a job and I was appropriately dressed and I ended up getting the job. I am a tutor and teachers aid at an elementary school near campus. 

CEO helped me gain the confidence that I needed to apply for the job, talk on the phone, and feel confident going into the interview. The principal that interviewed me asked if I had any experience working in groups. I mentioned CEO and the Chamber of Commerce Dinner and he was very interested in the class and wanted to know what all I did for my business. I think he was kind of surprised when I mentioned that I had had my own business and here I was just a freshman in college! 

In my education class, I go to an elementary school and observe the students and teachers. I did not know before the class started that I would have to dress business casual when I was in the classroom. I felt like I had an advantage to other people in the class because I already had the clothes and the knowledge of what was business casual. I think about when I was in high school and I would go back to school and everyone would be in sweatpants and sweatshirts while I was dressed up and it is the same here at college. I think that my professors take a little more notice to me because I am dressed up.

I am so thankful for everything that I got to experience during CEO. It truly changed my life and made me into a better person, personally and professionally. 

Living in Green Bay is super fun because of the Packers, especially when you go to the same church as Jordy Nelson, one of the players for the Packers. But there are times where I miss Sterling/Rock Falls because of the small town community. 

Natalie Osterhaus
- Class of 2017

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