A Focus on Mentors

Greet, shake hands, ask questions, BEEP-your four minutes are up, repeat. Wednesday and Thursday morning found CEO students meeting this year's mentors. 

CEO Business Visits

Class Business Pitches

Every student tried their hand at writing a business plan as they put together what they believe is a great idea for their class business. On Monday and Tuesday they pitched those ideas. A typical comment: "There's more to this than I thought!" 

Mentor Match

A new approach to mentor match this year meant starting class a little earlier. From 7:45-8:30 a.m. on Wednesday and Thursday, students visited with a different business professional every four minutes getting to know them and their areas of expertise. The two day option offered flexibility and didn't require another trip in the evening, as in previous years. Students will rank their top four choices and then facilitators will finish the pairing. The mentor relationship will be important as students move into the second semester and find themselves working on class and individual businesses. 


Dixon Elks Holiday Event

Ocassionally CEO students are asked to help with events if it works in their busy schedule. Victoria Dingman and Nick Clemens were able to take advantage of an opportunity to help Behrz Bloomz with a Holiday event on Thursday evening using their very best "Vana White" skills. After each item was described, they made their way around the room showing off the product. More importantly, they recognized the attention to detail, the marketing strategies, and brought their thoughts to class the next day. Not to mention it was an enjoyable evening!

Let's Get Organized

Does this look like a class of high school students? They pulled up the chairs, took charge, and went to work. Although frustrating at times, twenty-two CEO students took all they heard from one another during the business pitches (Monday and Tuesday) and came up with two events they plan to bring to fruition. After too many questions and comments to count, they narrowed their ideas to a Dodgeball Tournament, the third annual, by the way, and a dinner event. By Friday the process continued to challenge them as they rethought the businesses and attacked all the little details. 

Student Journal Highlights for this week

The first thing I wanted to say was I had no idea how hard it was to make a business plan. I am finding myself wanting to have numbers that I don't have and having to really think about everything that goes into a business and I never knew hoe many moving parts even went into the idea of a business. It is also getting me excited however for the class business and the opportunity we have to really do something fun and entertaining for the community. CEO has given me so many opportunities already to spread my wings and see so many different experiences that I would never have had. The next thing I wanted to touch on is Barnicopia. The thing that struck me about our visit is that Gary wanted to finish the tour even though he didn't feel well. I do not see it as many others do however. I see it as he is so passionate about his legacy and what he is built that he will do anything he can to help others enjoy it. We have talked a lot about legacy and what people will remember us by when we are gone. This is his legacy this is what he wants to be remembered by. I hope when I am his age I will have something that people will remember me by I hope I even have something that I am that passionate about because that really shows the goal in life. That shows what we all should be looking for. He would not stop until we learned to love this building as much as he did. It has really made me think about legacy and what I want mine to look like. I am glad he is okay and I am glad he can wake up and be so proud of what his legacy will be.

Our field trip last Thursday was probably one of the best that I've been to. The places we went to, people we met and experiences we got from the trip was amazing. I thought that the bus ride would be a bit dull just because of what I got used to during field trips. People would just talk to the person they're sitting with, people would not care and would just listen to music or just sleep throughout the trip. Ours was different and I'm glad it was like that. Everybody knows that the back part of every bus is the "fun" side of it. Almost everybody there was talking to each other and we even played games. Le and Norm even got to play with us which was fun to see, even though a lot of us didn't know the songs they were singing. I remember when I talked about meeting the real Kurt on my last journal and I can assure you that I mean what I said. I slowly get to show everyone in the bus my fun side and I can also see that I speak up more in class. Even in our sociology class where every Friday we debate on certain societal topics. I saw that last Friday I spoke up more than I ever did during other debates, it also led to some issues during the debate with my friend and another classmate but hey, that was fun and that's what it all matters. 

Kurt  Agravante

Kurt Agravante
Sunday, October 22, 2017Learn More About Kurt

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