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The final week of third quarter rounded itself out with a variety of activities: a presentation, a tour, a guest, updates, and CEO Olympics. Check out our newsletter to learn more! 

CEO Guest Speakers

A Venue Visit

The Holloway Center

Monday found students at the beautiful Holloway Center, the venue for the March 8 Taste of Sauk Valley. A floor plan was laid out and other details considered for another productive day in CEO class. 

CEO Olympics

A Day to Reconnect

After a stressful week of 22 students making the Dodgeball event actually happen and solidifying the Taste of Sauk Valley, with ALL the details of both events, CEO students took a day to clear their heads and think about something else. The CEO Olympics featured 6 events, which included secret handshakes, tower building, strategic marketing, get to know you activities, and more. The goals: think creatively, solve problems, communicate, and have fun. Each event featured the grouping of students randomly and differently each time.

Midland States Bank

Jon Byar and Steve Mortenson

Students got an interesting perspective of Midland States Bank this week from under the street. That’s right, there’s a tunnel running under the alley from the main bank to the drive-through facility! Steve Mortonson and Jon Byar showed students many parts of the bank, giving them an understanding of its operations. They included stops at the safe deposit box vault and the copper antique letter drop, both offering unique history to the building. The tour was followed with information regarding the importance of investing early, the types of busineses, the 4 C's of credit, and much more. Students learned about the evolution of the banking world with the onset of better security and technology. 

Evaluate and Press On

Doug Gamm

Doug Gamm, CEO Board Member, Oxbo Marketing, visited class on Friday to check on the results of the Dodgeball Tournament and the current state of The Taste of Sauk Valley. Students started by defining what makes a successful business and listing their goals for the tournament. With Doug’s guidance, they considered what they would do differently if in charge of a similar event. He gave examples of how reaching goals is looked at within the Oxbo organization, mentioning KPI's and their importance. Next students scrutinized their ticket sales for The Taste and set their final goals.

Tickets can be purchased at Whiteside Area Career Center or Sauk Valley Area Chamber of Commerce for $20 and gets the guest 10 tasting tickets at the door.

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