Finishing Strong

It was an eclectic week of topics and speakers: a class at Candlelight Inn, an unexpected visit from 2015 CEO class members, and learning about The World Race!

CEO Business Visits

CEO Guest Speakers

Matt Prescott

Candlelight Inn

CEO students visited owner Matt Prescott at the Rock Falls Candlelight Inn in Rock Falls on Monday. His lesson was a mix of life lessons and advice learned, the history of Candlelight Inn, and an activity illustrating what percent is used for various expenses. Students used pennies, each as a percent of every dollar, and gave them up as they paid "bills", leaving a profit typical in the restaurant world. Matt emphasised the importance of giving back, taking calculated risks, learning from failure, and finding balance in life. Students not only appreciated Matt's time on Monday, but also Candlelight Inn's role in The Taste of Sauk Valley. 

The World Race

Keeley Knie

Keeley Knie gave CEO students an overview of The World Race, an exciting commitment she made to a worldwide mission trip. She traveled eleven countries in eleven months working and sharing her beliefs. First she showed us her "home", a very large backpack, and described the required training camp prior to the trip. It included the ability to hike several miles with a 50 pound parcel. Among the countries, Greece, Bulgaria, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, India, and more. She painted schools, cared for homeless, fed kids, and taught English. With one adventure day each week to experience the countries, she rode elephants and zip lined, among other things. Much like CEO students, she had to consider the finances needed and raise a profit from events and projects in order to participate in The World Race. It was yet another day in CEO class to learn about something new. 

So Many to Thank

Our number one priority on Wednesday, our first day back in the class room since The Taste of Sauk Valley, was to write thank you notes. There were many to thank, our food vendor, guests, basket contributors, performers, parents, and more. 

Business as Usual

Thursday and Friday were typical classroom days for CEO students. With Norm in tow via Skype, we reflected and processed the results of The Taste event. Students recognized one another for their efforts and took time to analyzed their finances. Time was spent in small groups working out questions and difficulties of individual businesses. Class concluded with visits from Farrah Stubbe and Destiny Pontnack, CEO 2015, who gave personal updates and eagerly told examples of how they have utilized CEO in their lives. They asked each student about their individual business and asked questions and offered suggestions. On Friday esome students attended the CEO board meeting, while others worked on busines plans. 

Student Journal Highlights for this week

Being the first ever team to make it to State is a huge honor and I still can not believe that we did it. I relate this moment to CEO class, remember when we took a etiquette class from you? Well we all got dressed up in a shirt and tie and went to a banquet that the IHSA hosted for all of the players that made it to state. Now there were rules when we walked in the banquet hall, we had to sit with 7 other players from all the teams there. Now I took advantage of this because I am in CEO and know how to talk to people. I did most of the talking and I tell you what the awkward silence works when you feel like you talk to much. Then when we got to the main meal people were using the wrong fork and not knowing what the little plate was in the middle with a tiny knife. They did put out cake before hand for dessert and some kids ate the cake before everything else. Funny thing is since I did all the talking everyone kind of copied me in what utensil I used when. LOL CEO has taught me so well. As a Team Captain getting third place was well earned and although some people might look past taking third we at least get to say our last game was a win. At the beginning of the season we had a captains meeting and we asked each other what we thought the season would look like. Our first words were at least win and regional. Now as a team we would not try to look past one game at a time and we would say everytime we got out of the bus that this is a business trip be back soon. How funny is that, as a team we still use business terminology.

When I was at the banquet I did receive a phone call from Isaac and he was screaming excited about how many people were at the event. I heard that it was a huge success and everyone loved it. Again I apologize for not going because of State but I was able to be apart of two successes not just one.

thoroughly enjoyed this week, we put on a great event and my group interpretation team placed first at our first competition of the season. The taste went off with hardly a problem, there was a huge rush at first and it was a bit cramped but other than that it was pretty great. At the beginning of this event I thought that the community wouldn’t want to go and the restaurants wouldn’t want to give away free food, but the taste group was able to prove me wrong, and I’m proud of them for it. On another note I’m so tired after this weekend, I haven’t talked about group interp much in my journals but it’s one of the tings that I truly love doing. This weekend was the first of potentially three competitions and if we do well in the next competition next weekend then we might go to state and compete. GI is a form of competitive theater that uses no props, minimal costuming, and the set can’t have anything to do with the plot. We have 30 minutes to perform a piece that can be taken from a book, movie, musical, or anything else that has been published. This year we are performing Dear Evan Hansen, it was originally a musical on Broadway but we decided that it would be a great piece and we were right. We were given first place at the Joliet West Fest Invitational with four of our cast members, including myself, earning individual awards of all cast which just means that the judges liked our character and voted to give us the award. It was definitely a fun weekend but it isn’t even close to the end of it for me, with another competition this weekend my practices are only going to be just as crazy and intense as before. My only problem is figuring out when I’ll have time to write my business plan!

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