Business Visits Highlight the Week

5th Annual CEO Trade Show, May 1, 4:30-8:00 p.m. and May 2, 4:30-7:00 p.m.

Northland Mall, Sterling

Catching Up

Each week students journal to their facilitators about a variety of topics. On Monday students heard from each of their peers about their most recent journals. A round table discussion also took place to brainstorm solutions to trade show questions and concerns, as well as a reveiw of financial documents. 

Investmenting In Your Future

Raymond James

CEO students learned more about investments as they rotated through five different sessions at the Raymond James office. They heard from Steve Majewski, CFP, Jeff Gee, CFP, Shane Beckman, CPA, Christie Freas, WMS, and Debra Oldham, WMS. Each group of students asked different questions which resulted in a variety of take-aways, with the most often heard: start saving early! Here is a perspective of the day from Cassidy Wilson.

“If you never take risks, you’ll always work for someone who does.”

Our business visit to Raymond James this past week was quite eye opening for me for many reasons. We were able to speak with five business people who have experience in the investment field; much of the information that we learned was new to me! When I got the chance to speak with Steve Majewski he brought up the important lesson of risk vs reward. He said something along the lines of “If you do the things nobody else your age is willing to do now, then you'll be able to do the things everyone else wish they could when they are older.” I can apply this lesson to CEO because the class has taught me to take chances because you never know what the result may be. Taking chances can be scary for some people, but I am one that will just say “go for it and see what happens.” By not taking risks, people are missing the experience and lessons that come along with it. Often times, taking chances opens new doors and opportunities that would have not been available otherwise. Take applying for CEO for example, if I would have never applied, I would have never had the opportunity to be in the class. I feel that many times people do not take risks because they are too scared to lose what they have, but they don’t see what they have to gain. At the end of the day, the risk-takers are the ones who receive the rewards and experience.

Written by Cassidy Wilson

Joe Rosengren and Carey Bauer, Co-Managers

Frary Lumber and Grain

The Frary Lumber and Grain visit proved to be a nonstop learning experience covering multiple buildings and locations. The class started at Frary Lumber where they learned the history and business model of the company from co-managers Joe Rosengren and Carey Bauer. Updating displays, staying current on trends, and the use of technology were topics covered. On the grain side, they learned about the astronomical amount of grain shipped to feed chickens! Global events, such as the tariffs with China and the effect it has on their industry were also discussed. After touring the retail store and lumber inventory, students jumped in their cars and headed to the scales where they saw semis and weighed and corn tested. Students traveled to the railroad where they viewed the large bins, learned more about the operations, and witnessed the unloading of corn. Did you know four semis of corn fill one railroad car and can do it in 4 minutes? Wow, that was a lot of information in 90 minutes! 

Larry McCormick

McCormick Nursery
It was a beautiful day Thursday to spend outdoors at McCormick's Nursery with Larry McCormick, owner. He introduced students to the world of plants and landscaping from the business perspective. Students learned about shipping, types of trees, and the ups and downs of business. Larry gave good advice about working with your partner, whether spouse or in business. He also warned students about how quickly time slips away, to prepare for the tough times, and take calculated risks for growth. Students even got the opportunity to help Larry out and pot raspberry plants. The day was finished with breakfast tailgating and a discussion. 

Unexpected Visitors

Friday's agenda was full and included an expected visit from Angie and Kyle Moore. They summarized the results of the social media challenge given earlier this fall. Students competed in teams for the the best results of their Moore Tires postings. The winning team was presented with full oil changes. Kyle discussed the analytics of the Facebook and fortunately they reached their goals. The result? A generous check for all their hard work and creativity. Thank you Moore Tires for your continued support. 

The class finished with a slide presentation of past trade show booths, which helped get the creative juices going! They watched Nick and Mitch practice, checked out Kurt and Jose's amazing designs, and watched Kade crank out product. Check out the pictures! What exactly are these businesses about???? Come to the trade show on May 1 and 2 to find out!

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