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2018 CEO Individual Businesses to be showcased on May 1, 4:30-8:00 p.m. and May 2, 4:30-7:00 p.m. at Northland Mall, Sterling.

Kurt Agravante and Jose Castro-Blanc Clair

Isaac Blaney-Cell Shell

Nick Clemens and Mitch Clodfelter-Men with Crepes-

German De La Cruz-G & I Handyman Service

Victoria Dingman-Slyck

Jasmine Haggard-Petite Pals

Sam Hildebrand-Sunday's Pie

Gehrig Koerner-Koerner Kustom Signs

Kade Kovarik-Quacked Ice

Andrew Laub-Oregon Ultimate League

Anastasia Matias-Butterfly Effect

Hannah McCarty-Scrub'd Up

Kortney Queckboerner Dynamic Decals

Brendon Riesselman-Tekkers United

Rachel Scidmore-Cup of Curds

Kallie Timmons-Alli & Kallie's Theater Arts Camp

Maddy Maddy's-Boho Bracelets

Jack Williamson-Twistor Services

Cassidy Wilson-The Mustard Seed

Hannah Wilson-Pins & Needles

CEO Business Visits

CEO Guest Speakers

Sauk Valley Media

Gavin Jensen, Reporter

Gavin Jensen stopped by class on Monday morning to learn more about each students' individual business for the upcoming trade show. Next, they gave an overview of how the class works, from the beginning with brainstorming a class event, executing and profitting, writing an individual business plan, pitching it, and requestiong a loan from the class profits. Students learned of Gavin's career path and some of the things he is learning along the way. We look forward to his news story in the near future!

City Government

The City of Sterling

OnTuesday, CEO students were greeted at City Hall by Mayor Skip Lee and learned a wide variety of information regarding city government. Amanda Schmidt, discussed code enforcement and regulations and their importance. Heather Sotelo, Greater Sterling Development Corporation talked about the Business Incubator and use of buildings. This organization makes sure businesses have the resources they need to be successful. City Manager, Scott Shumard helped explain zoning and the importance of studies when making decisions. Students got a glimpse of a detailed study on traffic flow used to make an important decision. Police Chief Morgan stopped by with Brinkley, a Golden Retriever and the city's Community Service Dog, which is a new program that Brinkley pioneered! Her job is to help foster relationships with the community and support youth and abuse victims. She is often fournd at community events, schools, and comforting those in difficult situations, such as abuse or an accident. Students now have a better understanding of local government and those who live elsewhere might look at their city differently. 

Global Headquarters

Wahl Clipper

What a privilege it was to tour Wahl Clipper’s world headquarters, right here in Sterling, Illinois. Tour guides Rick Habben, Melody VanRycke, and Amy Teague explained the operations and answered questions as students toured the massive site.This is what each team had to say about their Wahl Clipper tour:

Team: Nick mitch Gehrig Kallie Isaac

• Confidentiality and Intellectual Property-Wouldn’t let us downstairs even though we asked

• Cleanliness-Cleanest factory tour all year

• Warehouses-Very big, organized, plenty of inventory

Team 2: Brendon, Andrew, Victoria, Maddy, Jack, Jose, Kurt

• They have grown more than originally planned-The architectural design of each building is different.They added on to each at different time periods

• Underemployed-They have over 30 jobs available. They have over 100 manpower temps working right now.

Team 3: Jasmine, Hannah W, Hannah M, Rachel, Kortney, Anastasia

• The employees of Wahl were proud to work there. They know they are part oa great company.

• Anyone is able to work their way up in the company. Our tour guide started with one of the dirtiest jobs at Wahl and has now worked her way up to a management position.

• Much of the product is assembled by hand.This provides more jobs for people in the area, and keeps the product of good quality.

You're On The Air!

Friday morning brought an opportunity for each CEO student to speak with JR Kitchens, on WSDR Radio giving a 30 second elevator speech. We hope listeners are intrigued by what they heard and will visit all 20 businesses at the trade show on May 1 and 2 at Northland Mall, starting at 4:30 both nights. They also learned more about the steps to making a successful sale from Marty Wells, Sr. Revenue Specialist. James Jones, Manager, discussed the business model of Regional Media, the value of radio, and answered questions. We look forward to working with WSDR for a live remote broadcast on May 1 at our trade show. 

This and That

\This time of year there are many things going on outside the classsroom as each student takes charge of making their business a success. Some are busy putting hours and hours of making their product. Others have researched and ordered theirs and anxiously wait. Some have had to practice their skills at home. How awesome that Mitch's parents invited friends to watch as he and Nick made crepes and served them. "Surprise, you're cooking for guests tonight!" In this picture Jose and Kurt spend time with John Brady, along with previous meetings with their mentor, Jon Byar to figure out details of their clothing line. These are just a few examples of how busy every CEO student is this time of year and supports the premise of CEO, a program where students taking charge of their own learning. 

Friday was a busy day of debriefing the week with Norm, while others attended the CEO board meeting, and Nick Clemens and Hannah Wilson headed to WSDR to tape the public service announcement. The class concluded with visitors from AmeriCorp, Cody Jones and Asif Ali, who explained the program. 

Now, that's a packed week! 

Student Journal Highlights for this week

I want to start off by saying how thankful I am for CEO and how it has changed my life. We met with RaymondJames and that tour changed my career plans. Growing up I always wanted to be a sports marketer, because I love business and sports. However, recently I picked up a passion for stocks and selling myself. When someone is interested in what you are selling it is the best feeling I’ve ever experienced. After we met with RaymondJames I quickly realized I loved everything about he firm and each individual job they had. Especially being a stockbroker. Now when I go off to college I will be looking at some finance classes to take and maybe try to pick up an internship. Without CEO I never would have found out about stock brokers and brokerage firms, because nobody I know goes to one. The number one thing I like the most is I can do most of my business at home or just out of the office. The number one thing I’m most worried about is my nerves and how worried I could get handling someone else’s money. Wrapping this up I am very grateful, because that morning my life changed and I believe that it changed for the better.

We have ordered a lot of items for our business and when I see these items arrive at my house I get excited because everything is coming together week by week. Since we’re having a website, we need pictures of our products so we decided that it would be cheaper in the long run if we bought a white and black backdrop and photography lights. I have a nice camera that I could borrow from a photography class at my school so that’s not a problem. If we hired someone to take our pictures it would become a daily expense that we could eliminate. That’s that. I’m kind of in a rush to finish my journal because we’re meeting with our model in a bit to take pictures. We’re trying to get a lot of things finished because we have deadlines that we must meet in order to accomplish goals we set. We are still waiting on a couple things to come in the mail that are urgent but that’s out of our control. Also, we have talked as a group and we thought that it'd be best to not invest a lot of money into our booth since we have a lot of other expenses/loans we have to cover. Our booth is still going to look presentable don't get me wrong, but it’s not going to be something crazy. We already spent the $100 for the booth on our banner but we are going to buy table cloths and other small but decorative items. We are thinking of having complimentary bottled water for any person that walks up to our booth. We have a lot of ideas in mind for our booth. All I know is that we’ve been real busy lately but personally, I absolutely love it.

Jose Castro

Jose Castro
Sunday, April 15, 2018Learn More About Jose

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