Good morning CEO supporters! In second semester, my goal is to feature a journal excerpt from a CEO student weekly. Content is more important to us than sentence structure, spelling ,etc. We would rather have them ramble about what they are thinking and learning, than spend hours editing. We never publish without permission of the writer and they have the option of including their name. Below are thoughts from JoHannah Ruff, Erie High School. Enjoy!

"Although I don’t have to do this for a grade, there have been many things on my mind about CEO during break. I feel like writing a journal to reflect on my thoughts helps me improve my thoughts- if that makes any sense!

First, I have noticed changes in the way I interact with adults. I don’t know exactly how to explain it, but even with my family members, I never feel stuck in conversation, and I am able to keep the conversation flowing. This has been an issue in the past for me. One example is that on Christmas, I was able to sit down with my grandpa and talk for over an hour, and I learned so much from that one conversation! It was a nice feeling to have.

Along with this, I have been paying much more attention to the business side of, well, everything! An example of this is that a new Starbucks was recently opened next to a Target in Moline, and instead of being excited about a new Starbucks, I immediately thought of how the sales of the of the Target Starbucks was doing. This also goes back to me being a barista, and how I have been learning more about how these things work. At my work, I have been thinking more about why things are the way they are, from a business POV. There are far too many examples I could generate, but one would be our donut showcase. Around 11:00 a.m., we are required by corporate to close one of the three donut showcases, and relocate and distribute all remaining donuts to the two main spaces. When I do this, I think back to Deb Endress. I remember she talked about the value of the product vs the space it takes up.

I have also noticed CEO in my job while comparing myself to my coworkers that are my age. At my job, there are two other high school junior girls, aside from my side. I have noticed that my manager values me in a different way from the other two. This is partially due to my education- I go to a small town high school, with a higher number of students that obtain a high GPA consistently. This is also due to my experience with CEO, which my manager is well aware of. One specific time I noticed this was when my manager was making a sign to bring in new potential employees. She asked me for help generating positive describing words to describe what she would be looking for in an employee, along with verbs of our work environment. This instance made me feel glad that my manager thought I was a good asset in that situation."

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