Some thoughts from CEO Facilitator, Le Hartman:

The WACC CEO Facebook page is usually a place to share our weekly adventures with the community, not a place where a facilitator pours out what’s in their head and heart. But this week I can’t help it! The end of the year is a time to reflect and the completion of the trade show, a time to celebrate. So here I go!

I’m going to cut to the chase: This year has been challenging…maybe it’s the number of students, some unusual circumstances (a concussion, back injury, 3 of us in a “boot”, a couple major surgeries, a totaled car, and probably more I’ve forgotten), or some personal hurdles that needed to be crossed. I don’t know. And yet, this class has risen to the occasion and produced an exception trade show. I always say, “If it’s too easy, what have you learned?” Isn’t it more impressive to come from a difficult place and “get there” than a path that is easy? I couldn’t be prouder!

The trade show is emotional for me. It is a sign that the year is almost over and while I do look forward to the rejuvenation that comes with summer, I want more time with this group. You see, they have “arrived.” The trade show was amazing, but the clean up was the “wow” factor. When their own booths were put away, they asked for mops to clean up messes, cleaned up their peers’ spaces (who had to leave early for school functions), offered a hand where ever needed, and I even saw grandmas getting hugs from CEO grandchildren! They were doing the “team work thing” and it wasn’t an activity I planned. It was real. This is good stuff and makes me want to have more time with CEO 2019!

Enough about the awesome students! I love the night for the opportunity to network with all the business speakers, investors, mentors, and board members; couldn’t do this without you. I LOVE talking with the parents! You understand the value of letting your child figure it out on their own and offering just the right amount of guidance. You know that in CEO it’s okay to not be perfect, it’s okay to struggle. You trust the process. I know that isn’t easy. Thank you entrusting us with your child. And thank you for so much more!

Another amazing and very nostalgic part of the trade show is seeing former students AND parents/grandparents of former students. There really are no words that describe how much this means to educators. (And I believe I speak for many on this point.) You cannot give a teacher a better gift than stopping by and remembering time spent together. There is nothing else to say on this topic except, “go visit a teacher or send an email!” I mean it!

Expressing these thoughts to you may be more about me writing them, than you, reading them. 😊 If you lasted through this long post, thank you for reading. I hope it conveys how grateful I am.

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