We love getting news from former CEO students. Recently, Natalie Osterhaus, class of 2017, sent an email catching us up on her life. Thanks Natalie---Proud of you!

"I'm finishing my sophomore year here at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, where I am studying elementary education and human development. This semester was a ton of fun because I got to start my education classes where I had a field placement at a nearby elementary school. I was placed in kindergarten and it was SO much fun! This class pushed me out of my comfort zone because we had to create two different lessons, lesson plans and teach the lessons to our placement classes. It was nerve wrecking because we were in charge of the class and had to be effective teachers, but it was an awesome experience!
It reminds me of CEO and the trade show! I remember being terrified of the trade show and being so nervous the days of the trade show, but once I relaxed, I started to enjoy myself so much! I still think about CEO almost every day, and have realized that the lessons that I learned while in CEO will stick with me for a long time. Being professional and dressing professionally is very important too because I know the difference that it can make. I think that CEO helped me realize how important acting professionally is no matter the field of study that you are going into. I am so thankful for CEO and all of the memories that I have from it!
This summer I will be traveling to Hungary in Eastern Europe for a month! I am super excited but also super scared, but I know that it will be an amazing experience. I will be teaching conversational English to high school students, so I am excited that I will be able to use my major a little and gain some teaching experience. I still think about the day in CEO when we brought some sophomores to CEO, and I was able to explain a little bit about CEO and being professional. That was the day when I decided that I want to be a teacher!"

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