The CEO National Conference, Trade Show, and Alumni Connect has come and gone. There were many things to see and do, so here are just a few pictures. We are proud of Brittney Shipman for her trip to Champaign with family to take part in the trade show. Approximately 30 students from around the country showcased their businesses, including Willard Smart Homes and T & H Innovations, pictured. She mentioned that it was a wonderful experience and asks that the board continue to grow the WACC CEO program. Le Hartman had the honor of dining with Beth and Craig Lindvahl, Founder and first CEO facilitator, at the Mastermind Dinner. Maura Harrison, class of 2016 attended the Alumni Connect sessions. Others in attendance included: Emily Zimmerman, Margo Jakobs, Josh Johnson, Chris Tennyson, Steve Nunez, and Kris Noble.

Other News From Around The Same Time

We are so proud of Andrew Schmitt, CEO class of 2014 and uncle to Riley Wescott, class of 2019. In a recent email, among other things, he writes: "I have been thinking of you two ...

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