Victoria Dingman

About Me

Victoria is a senior at Sterling High School, and is enjoying everything senior year has brought her so far; including the challenge of AP Calculus. She will be attending North Central College in Naperville, Illinois, in the fall of 2018, intending to pursue a career in business and biology. Since her two choices of major do not often go together, she hopes to combine them in an effort to start and manage her own Biological Research Firm. This would give her the opportunity to dabble in management, marketing, entrepreneurial skills. She enjoys CEO because of the networking opportunities available to her, as she knows that marketing yourself is truly important in the business world. Outside of schooling, Victoria works at Airplay Sports, where she enjoys connecting with the many different customers. Being the former president of the organization Giving Power to Adolescents, she has developed a passion for volunteering in the community. Victoria is extremely outgoing and enjoys connecting with people on a personal level, which drives her to pursue a major like business. She also spends a majority of her time with her two younger siblings, Abbagail (11) and Harper (3), playing pretend or coloring. 

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