Alyssa Mathews

About Me

Alyssa Mathews is a junior at Rock Falls High School and is a very determined student. She is highly involved in her community as well as her school. In the community she participates with the Rock Falls Chamber of Commerce and volunteers at animal shelters. Since her freshman year she has been involved with many groups at her school. She is in Junior Optimist, which deals with community service, and has been in BLAST, which is a mentoring program. She is also a part of Girls Group, the National Honor Society, and Spanish club. Furthermore, she has a leadership position as a BLIND leader and is a class officer for her class. In addition, she is very determined when it comes to her school work and has above a 4.0 GPA. She is signed up for all honors and AP classes and three dual-credit classes next year. Most importantly, CEO has opened Alyssa’s mind to how many opportunities and amazing businesses there are in the area. She has also enjoyed learning new business and life skills. For her personal business she created Bunches of Scrunches, which provides unique homemade scrunchies and hair bows for reasonable prices. Her reasoning for this business is revealed through the product’s life cycle because currently scrunchies are back from the 1980s. The product was very trendy both in the past and now. In addition, as of now Alyssa works as an after school program counselor for the YMCA. This job is important to her because working with children is her passion, and she plans to work with them in her career. In the future she is planning on attending the University of Illinois, where she will major in psychology and minor in sociology. She is very appreciative of her experience in CEO and believes it will be a large factor in her future successes.

About My Business